Audience Activation

Eight Dragons Digital has developed a specialist service that ensures maximum targeted audience viewership of a clients online video content.

We have distributed over 2000 videos online.
– The results span over 50 million views, and an average viewing time of 120 seconds
– DGM’s reach spans millions of users and hundred’s of network’s.
– Videos can be targeted by geography, day-part or to users with specific content affiliates

Eight Dragons Digital has built a large number of partner networks to assist with promotions across the Asia – Pacific region. These partner networks are made up of bloggers, You Tube celebrities and key online influencers.

Eight Dragons Digital has built up these networks over ten years to ensure that we can promote relevant and niche content to an engaged audience.

All partners are content creators with followers in a wide variety of categories ranging from travel, entertainment, technology, fashion and many others.

These partners ensure that the content is promoted to the correct target market.